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Heart of Darkness is one of the best novel written by Polish English author Joseph Conard. The novel is about a narrated voyage up to the Congo River located in the Congo Free State in the middle of Africa. The author of the book represents the story to his friends on a boat moving on the surface of River Thames. You can download Heart of Darkness PDF at the end.

Heart of Darkness PDF


Review of Heart of Darkness:

According to the author, there is little or no difference between “civilized people and “savages”. Heart of Darkness revolves around the themes of injustice, racism and imperialism. Heart of Darkness is published as a three-part serial story in Blackwood’s Magazine to celebrate the thousandth edition of the magazine. The novel is widely published in all around the globe and is translated into various languages. Francis Ford Coppola’s film Apocalypse Now released in 1979 is inspired by the story of the Heart of Darkness. Modern Library in the year 1998 ranked Heart of Darkness on 67th position on the list of 100 best novels written in the English language published in the 20th century.

Features of Heart of Darkness pdf:

  • Heart of Darkness is written by English author Joseph Conard.
  • Heart of Darkness is written in English language and was published in the United Kingdom for the first time.
  • Heart of Darkness comes under the Genre of Novella.
  • Heart of Darkness was published in the form of the serial in the year of 1899 and in 1902 it was published in the form of Book.
  • Heart of Darkness is published by Blackwood’s Magazine in the United Kingdom.
  • Heart of Darkness is Preceded by the famous novel The Nigger of the Narcissus published in the year 1897 and followed by novel Lord Jim published in the year of 1900.

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