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High Fidelity is a novel written by Nick Hornby. The British writer sold over a million copies of this novel revolving around the genres of Humour and fiction. Published by Victor Gollancz in 1995, the book became the basis for a lot of movies and Broadway shows later on. The story of a shopkeeper at the record store is told in the book. In the end, download High Fidelity Pdf free.

High Fidelity Pdf


High Fidelity Summary:

Rob Fleming is the owner of a record shop in London. His girlfriend had recently left him and most of his time is spent making mix tapes with his employees or discussion how aesthetic mixtapes are. They make the mixtapes of Top 5s of everything that they are familiar with. Through the book, Rob contemplates on his past relationships and he also thinks about the reasons why they could not work out. The death of his ex-girl friend’s father brings them both together. Rob goes back to his previous career of being a disc jockey and his relationship with Laura, the ex, is also re-established. He realizes that he goes after new women every time because he believes that he should pursue his dreams and whatever he likes. He decides to put this behind and be committed to Laura.

 High Fidelity Review:

The book became quite popular among the readers as it has a bit of musical theme. As a result, it was made as a Broadway musical in 2006. Three years before this, BBC had named the book in their Big Read category. A feature film was also adapted on the book which was much enjoyed by the readers. This book is a great read for everyone since it tells a very general story of a man contemplating his life. The book has sold over a million copies to date and still remains popular.

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