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In the times of 19th century where books were mostly romantic and full of drama, not many writers cared about science fiction. Maybe during those times, science was not a hype, however, some writers did it and did it very well. Jules Verne was one of those writers, whose Journey To The Centre Of The Earth became an example. This is where the genre of science fiction actually got started. And that is the reason why Jules Verne is considered as one of the founders of the genre. Although, the laws of sciences were hurt by Jules Verne since many things he mentioned weren’t even near to sciences. But, this is also true that you can write anything fictional in science fiction genre. Download, Journey to The Centre of The Earth Pdf free at the end of this article. Let us now review and summarize this book.

Journey to the Centre of the Earth Pdf


About the Author Jules Verne:

Jules Verne, born on 8th February 1828 and died on 24th March 1905 at the age of 77. He was a French playwright, author, poet, and novelist. He is known for his famous book Journey to The Centre of The Earth which put foundations to the science fiction genre. He is considered as one of the founders of the science fiction genre. Jules also wrote Around the World in 80 Days which became an all-time hit. Many movies were made on the both of these titles and that’s what brought him great recognition. He was also a poet and his poetry books are still a part of English and French courses. Today, we are going to talk about his book which made him a profound founder of fiction. His services to the field of literature are keeping him alive after a century of his death.

Journey to the Centre of the Earth Summary:

One day, Professor Lidenbrock comes in a great hurry. He has found a book of old manuscript left by a 16th-century geologist. The man stays busy in reading the book and tries to decode a page in which a message is encrypted. His nephew Axel, who lives with him along with maid Martha. He grows curious about the whole situation and finally asks him. Professor tells him that this book is left by an old geologist Arne Saknussemm. He left this page in his book in which he has left clues to something strange. The old professor couldn’t decrypt the page but his nephew does. Axel doesn’t tell him before he finds that the professor is going mad over this. And when he tells them, the professor decided to travel to the Centre of the earth and find the volcanic tubes there.

Axel doesn’t want to leave him but he has to. His love Grauben got left behind by him who also wants him to help his uncle on the expedition. They hire an Icelandic guide named Hans. Hans is a powerful man with a great ability to obey his masters. And finally, when their journey begins, they come across great dangers and strange things. They find fossils of old plants and animals down the earth. The sights that would never have expected. They took on a journey about which they were sure whether they would come alive. But, the professor is a stubborn man and he never listened to the guy or anyone. He decided to die but to never leave his journey. After facing all these dangers and adventures (which you got to read the book) they come out alive in the Italy traveling below the surface of the earth.

Journey to the Centre of the Earth Pdf Review:

If you love the books on adventures then this is the perfect one for you. An adventure where everything is so dramatic and every instance is full of surprise. Each time you think that things are about to go right, they took a turn instead. The storytelling, characters, and events happening to them are written beautifully. This story was one of the best written at that time in the science fiction genre. And that’s why Jules Verne got much recognition and was called the founder of science fiction. Although, many theories about which he gave concepts in his book are not even closer to science but in his genre everything is fiction. People don’t really care whether they are true or wrong. They just love to enjoy the adventure which is written beautifully by the great Jules Verne. Read this book to have some great adventures down the earth.

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