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Life After Life is the story of Todd Family which is put forward beautifully in two novels by Kate Atkinson. The second novel is A God in Ruins and we shall talk about that later. Now we will bring you a review and the complete summary of this book and also the Life after Life Pdf on our website. The e-book is absolutely free to download and we shall now begin our review.

Life After Life Pdf

Life After Life Review and Summary:

A lot of reading platforms including The Guardian and the Goodreads gave this book some positive response and overall critical reviews are positive. Ursula Todd is the central character in the book and how the story deflects back to the events in her life is well-appreciated. In fact, this is the character which you fall in love with since it is well-written and in a deep manner.

Kate Atkinson has written many novels but according to The Telegraph, this is her best novel to the date. Some of the critics did point out that the mention of World War II was unnecessary, especially in the manner in which it was presented. On the Goodreads, the book has a rating of 3.8 out of 5.

As far as the story is concerned, the novel has an unusual structure, repeatedly looping back in time to describe alternative possible lives for its central character, Ursula Todd, who is born on 11 February 1910 to an upper-middle-class family near Chalfont St Peter in Buckinghamshire. In the first version, she is strangled by her umbilical cord and stillborn.

In later iterations of her life she dies as a child – drowning in the sea, or when saved from that, by falling to her death from the roof when trying to retrieve a fallen doll. So don’t forget to download Life after Life e-book and read the story ahead.

Download Life After Life Pdf Free:

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