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There are a lot of the biography as well as autobiography books available in the market. But some of these books are different ones just like the one we are talking about. What if we tell you that this book is going to be a mixture of the biography, autobiography as well as the comic genre. Which is a very unusual and unique thing on its own. This book is basically a graphic book and the author is telling her story with the help of the illustrations and the pictures mostly. The lifetime she is telling about is the time of her childhood to the early adulthood. She is basically discussing her life before and after a very big event happened in Iran. Yes, we are talking about the book written by an author from Iran.

The event “Persepolis” tells us about is the event of the Islamic Revolution. If we talk about the name of the book, It is basically the name of the capital of the Persian Empire. Talking about the story of the book, There are basically two parts of the book. The first part of the book, The one we are talking about is discussing early life. And the second part of the book tells us about the high school life of the author. Her high school life period was not in Iran but in Austria. She was frequently traveling to Iran as well even during her studies as well. After the completion of the high school, she took admission in a college of Iran. After that, she married and the story of her life goes on. Download and start reading the book in order to find out all about the story of the book.

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About Author Marjane Satrapi:

The writer of “Persepolis” is an Iranian-born French author. Marjane Satrapi is not only a very good author but a very good graphic novelist, cartoonist, illustrator, film director, and children’s book writer as well. And Due to all her work, she has won many of the awards as well.

Features of Persepolis pdf:

  • French is the original language of the book.
  • The original publication year of the book is 2000.
  • France is the original publication place of the book.

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