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It felt quite good when I saw that this is the book I have to write about today. The Prince and the Pauper is one of my most favorite historical fiction novels. It is written by Mark Twain who is a very famous American author and this novel was his first historical fiction. Still, he managed to do a great job since this book became a worldwide success. It is one of the most sold books of Mark Twain due to the amazing storytelling and other factors. The books are about the two boys who look the same but having completely different fates. One is Prince Edward, who is the son of the King Henry 8th and the other is the son of a poor man who is always abusive to his son. You can download the free The Prince and the Pauper pdf from the link at the end.

the prince and the pauper pdf


About the Author Mark Twain:

We have already talked about Mark Twain in one of our other book reviews. He was an American author, editor, and publisher. He was born o 30th November 1835 and died at the age of 75 on 21st April 1910. There are other couples of his novels such as the adventures of Tom Sawyer and the adventures of Huckleberry Finn which are very famous. The second novel is also known by the name The Great American Novel. My favorite from his novels is the Prince and the pauper due to many reasons. Firstly, due to the fact that its storyline is amazing. Secondly, the characters written in the book are also written very beautifully. The moral lesson taught in the story is also very important and this is why I rate this book as the best book I have read of Mark Twain.

The Prince and the Pauper Summary:

The story of this book is the one you will really enjoy. Two boys who look the same, are born on the same day in England but the tragedy is that both are born with completely different fates. One of them is the son of a poor and abusive father while the other is a song of the King Henry 8th of England. One of them has a high position in the King’s Court while the other is forced to beg one the streets from by his father. However, the fun in the story begins when their positions change while changing clothes somewhere. The events that follow after that are amazing and you will never lose interest in the book. They meet each other accidently and both impressed from each other’s life, they change the clothes so that they can experience different lives they live.

Edward tries to punish the guard for beating Tom but since he is in Tom’s clothes, the guard beats him. He also gets mocked by the crowd when he tries to tell them that he is the prince. In this way, Edward realizes that how is the life of Tom while he thought that his freedom is great. Tom is also worried on the other side. He enjoys at first being a prince but then fear of being caught bothers him. He also doesn’t know how to act like a prince and he is being seen with eyes of suspicion by servants. After all these events, they realize that both of them are perfect for their lives. The prince should remain a prince while tom knows how to survive in that life. You can know rest of the events once you download the Prince and the Pauper pdf to read.

The Prince and the Pauper Pdf Review:

This one of those story books that I enjoyed the most while reading. That is because of the storyline that is very interesting and all the characters. The events described are very funny and also full of drama and thrill. Also, the book teaches us many moral lessons. One think that we must learn from this book is that we should be happy about our lives. Our lives are a gift from God and he knows what is better for us and why. He may give us a difficult life but also gives the strength to fight it and make a better life out of it. More hard work we put in our life, the better it will be. Do not think that God is not just or he did not do right with you. He loves and knows what is good for us.

Download the Prince and the Pauper Pdf Free:

If you want the Prince and the Pauper e-book in the pdf form then you can download it from the free link given below. Copy the Prince and the Pauper pdf free and read it on your laptop or tablet anywhere.

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