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Download Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens Pdf Free & Review + Summary

Did you happen to read about this named Rich Dad Poor Dad previously on our website or somewhere else? Well, if you are looking for financial success and need a book for the matter then this is the best one out there. Since books are those friends which teach you so many things, it is very important for parents to make their children read them and make a habit of reading. Robert T. Kiyosaki, in his phenomenal series of books, not just wrote for the young and grown-up people but he also took care of teens with this version of the book named Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens. This version is a complete guide for young people so that they might learn to manage financially. At the end of this article, you can download the free Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens pdf.

rich dad poor dad for teens pdf


About the Author Robert T. Kiyosaki:

Robert T. Kiyosaki is a businessman, author, speaker, and a man with lots of other talents. Rich Dad Company, which works on the business education and financial help of youth. Robert is the owner of this company and is also a lot of other work from the improvement of society. Rich Dad Poor Dad is based mostly on the personal life experience of Robert. Everything you read in the book is related to what Robert really faced in his life. His life is a great success story financially and that’s why he wrote this book. Financial independence and then success through it are the main objectives of this book. This book comes from a person who faced all of this in his life and becomes successful. Rich Dad Poor Dad can be used as a real inspiration. In this article, we are going to review his entitles book.

Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens Review and Lessons:

I discussed and reviewed all the books from this series in a manner that you may learn the essence of it. In this article, I am going to follow the same pattern in order to explain you more and more from this book. The book’s message and the aim are the same but in this book, Robert put some good financial guide and advice for the teens. He suggested that to become successfully financially, children must start practicing it from their teens. It is definitely easy for the kids to do that with a lot of desires and a limited amount of money but if guided by the parents, they can do very well and this is the best time for learning this most important thing about life. As we keep discussing, we come to learn that when you start practicing things in the childhood, you achieve perfection in them.

Robert has highlighted one of the major problems that are in our schooling and in the teachings of the parents. Schools teach children how to remember all that science and books but they don’t teach the most important thing about life and that is the financial handling of their money. The pocket money is the best amount which is always limited and could teach kids how to manage it with the best of their abilities. Once they start learning this thing from the childhood, they learn to master it when they become grownups. The tragedy is, our schooling system promises to make them successful in life but they forget to teach the most important thing and that is how to handle things financially? The parents must teach their kids how to manage their limited amount of and then this is going to help them a lot in the future.

There is not much in this book except for the things I have already mentioned. At the end, I am going to mention and explain the trick which Robert gave in this book for parents to train their kids financially. That is, the parents should give a normal amount of money to their kids and tell them to manage their needs in that particular amount. When the kids do that successfully, the parents should reduce a little from that sum of money and put children into a little bit of test. Now children will become even wiser when they have an even little sum of money and still the same needs to meet. This is the best formulas that have even been put forward by any financial expert in order to teach the kids how to do well financially.

Some parents might disagree with Robert’s formulas and put it like extra pressure on the kids but they need to know that this is the day when they actually learn.

Download Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens Pdf Free:

If you want to get this book for yourself or your kids, the easiest way is to get it in the soft form by downloading the free Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens pdf right here from our site. Don’t forget to leave us your feedback about this article and keep visiting our website for more free pdfs and book reviews.


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