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The Adventures of Augie March is a novel written by Saul Bellow which was written in 1953. This novel was published by the Viking Press. The story is about a boy named Augie March who is living during the time of The Great Depression. He grows up and experiences new thing which has an effect on the kind of person he grows up to be. The story talks about his transition from boyhood to manhood through the encounters he has in his life. In the end, download The Adventures of Augie March Pdf free.

The Adventures of Augie March Pdf


The Adventures of Augie March Summary:

The story is about Augie who is growing up during The Great Depression without a father. He is brought up by his mother and lives in Chicago with his brother Simon and his grandmother. Another member of their family is George who is abnormal. The story touches on every aspect of Augie’s life from boyhood to manhood and how he passes through educational phase and how his lifestyle and women in his life affect him. He does plenty of different jobs in his life starting from being a dog walker to a person in the navy. The women in his life also change a lot. Firstly, he gets into a relationship with the cousin of his brother’s wife and later he is involved with a maid at a hotel. Augie never really gets a proper education although he does like to read and has his own philosophy about life based on his reading.

The Adventures of Augie March Review:

The theme touched on in the book is how Augie is different from an average American hero. Instead of going after materialistic things, he is engaged in self-exploration. The book won the National Book Award for Fiction in the USA. It was named as one of the best 100 novels in the English history by the Times Magazine. The Modern Library also mentioned the novel on their list.

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