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The Divine Comedy is an Italian poem written by well-known author Dante Alighieri. The poem was started in 1308 and was completed in 1320. The author of the poem died in 1321. The Divine Comedy is considered to be pre-eminent work in Italian literature and is among the greatest work in the literature. The poem represents the imaginative vision of Dante about the afterlife of the medieval world view according to the Western Church in the 14th Century. The Divine Comedy helped to establish the roots of Tuscan language in which this poem was written. You can download The Divine Comedy PDF at the end.

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The Divine Comedy Review:

The Divine Comedy is divided into three different parts such as Paradiso, Purgatorio and Inferno. The novel presents the condition of souls after death and shows the divine justice of reward or punishment. The novel is based on the concept of life after death and what a person will face. There is a concept of heaven and hell in this poem. The Divine Comedy is loved by the readers because it takes a reader to the spiritual world.

Features of The Divine Comedy pdf:

  • The Divine Comedy is an Italian narrative poem written by Dante Alighieri.
  • The poem was started in the year 1308 and was completed in 1321 one year before the death of its author.
  • The novel is considered to be an important work in Italian literature.
  • The novel represents the concept of justice after the death of the individual.
  • The printed form of the poem was published in the year 1472.
  • The novel is loved by readers from around the world because of its creative and spiritual work.
  • The novel revolves around the concept of God, Heaven and Hell.

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