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The Odyssey is one of the two Greek poems which are attributed towards Homer. The Odyssey is in sequel to Iliad poem, which is another Homeric epic. The poem is fundamental towards modern Western canon. The Odyssey is the second-best poem of Western literature. Iliad poem is very old but according to some scholars Odyssey is written at the end of 8th century BC, in Ionia which is a Greek Coastal are of Anatolia. The poem revolves around the life of Greek hero Odysseus, which was a king of Ithaca, and his journey towards his home after the fall of Troy. You can download The Odyssey PDF at the end.

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The Odyssey Review:

After the Trojan War, it takes ten years for Odysseus to reach his home. It was assumed by his family that Odysseus was dead. His wife and his son deal with unruly suitors, the Proci or Mnesteres, who competed with each other for Penelope’s Hand in marriage. The novel was written in Homeric Greek language and then it was translated into various modern languages of the world. The poem was written in a poetic manner. The Odyssey is a very famous novel among readers from around the world and was included in the best journals from around the world. This poem shows the history of the Trojan war and the situations and events after the deadly war in the history of mankind.

Features of The Odyssey pdf:

  • The Odyssey is a part of the poem Iliad.
  • Iliad represents the events and situations of Trojan war while Odyssey represents the events after the Trojan war.
  • The Odyssey revolves around the life of Greek hero Odysseus and his ten years of struggle to reach his home after the Trojan war.
  • The poem represents the events and situations which Odysseus faced after the

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