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The God of Small Things is a book by an Indian writer, Arundhati Roy. It was the debut novel of the writer and ended up winning the Booker Prize in 1997. The book was published in India Ink in 1996. It follows the story of two fraternal twins who have had hard lives due to the things that may seem small. The plot of the book is set in Kerala and the way of life in that part of India is much explored in this book. In the end, download The God of Small Things Pdf Free.

The God of Small Things Pdf Free


The God of Small Things:

The book follows the story of two fraternal twins who are born to Ammu. She wants to get rid of her father and wants to get out of that house. In her attempt to do so, she manages to convince her father to let her stay at the home of a distant aunty. There, she marries a guy who manages tea stalls. Later, she finds out about his alcohol problem. He also abuses her physically and wants to pimp her to his boss so that he would not get fired. Ammu returns to her home after she gives birth to the twins. The twins do not have a pleasant life. Their life is full of difficulties and regrets. Towards the end, even after marrying and getting divorced from their partners, the twins realize that no one understands them as they understand each other. They end up having an incestuous relationship.

The God of Small Things Review:

The book was received warmly by the readers at the critics. It was named as one of the 5 best books of 1997 by the Times Magazine. It was also praised by The New York Times and The California Times. From India, the author’s work traveled to over 20 countries and proved to be a massive success.

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