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The Hearing Trumpet is written by Leonora Carrington. The story is about a woman who is left alone is an old home with her hearing trumpet. Published in 1977 by Virago, the genre of this book is fiction and it is composed of over 150 pages. The story basically starts as the tale of an old woman who is being sent to a retirement home with her trumpet, by her family and later the story takes some major twists. In the end, download The Hearing Trumpet Pdf free.

The Hearing Trumpet Pdf


The Hearing Trumpet Summary:

The woman named Marian Leatherby is sent to an old retirement home by her family because they find her embarrassing now, at the age of 90 something. She tends to forget things and also wanders into her imaginations which is quite embarrassing for the family. At the retirement home, she learns that the home is run by some strict religious individuals who like to make the residents elevate up the status of their religion.

They do so by taking money from the people and also making them indulge in forceful frugality. The nuns that work there try to show that they are some devout individuals but in reality, they have some messed up beliefs which take a course into the world of imaginations and fantasy.

The Hearing Trumpet Review:

The book is a masterpiece of that time just like the paintings of the same artist. Carrington has tried to touch on the themes of feminism at that time by showing how an old woman was put in place and had to conform to idiotic principles of the home just because of a man, her son, decided that was the place for her to go. The book is a gripping tale which starts with a normal story, but once you start reading it, you find the inner meanings.

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