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The Harpole Report is a book by J L Carr which was published in  1972. The story is told in form of a school log book which is kept by the principal named Harpole. In the world of teaching, the novel is somewhat of a cult classic for the professionals in the field. The book was published by Secker and Walberg and is the third book written by the author. The book is preceded by A Season in Sinji. In the end, download The Harpole Report Pdf free.

The Harpole Report Pdf


The Harpole Report Summary:

The book is written as an account based on the author’s own experience as a teacher for over 40 years. Harpole keeps his logs in the book from which we get to know about the different characters. Mr. James is an old school person who forces that his students solve the math problems which are related to coal deliveries. Mr. Croser is a relatively younger teacher but he is also quite cocky and Harpole is not very fond of him.

Miss Grace is a member of a family which is quite popular in the area but she feels that she is not accomplishing much because she is teaching the Backward class. The Widmerpools are a misfit family. They are the kind of family which every Neighbourhood has and this is the family with plenty of children all of whom are illiterate and unbearable. Mrs. Blossom is the lady who is running for mayor and she takes steps against Harpole when he rejects her advances.

The Harpole Report Review:

The book is one of the funniest yet truest accounts of running an institution, especially a school. According to Frank Muir, this book is “the funniest and perhaps the truest story about running a school that I ever have read”. He also said that he would take this book on a desert island on one of the BBC shows.

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