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The Bottle Factory Outing is a book by Beryl Bainbridge and it is considered as her best book. The story of this book is based on the authoresses own experience after she got divorced in 1959. She worked as a cellar girl in a factory which did bottling procedure. The story is revolving around two central characters. In the end, download The Bottle Factory Outing Pdf free.

The Bottle Factory Outing Pdf


The Bottle Factory Summary:

The story revolves around Brenda and Freda who work together. During the day, they both work in a bottling factory which is run by an Italian company. At night, they share a bedsit together. Freda wants to win the heart of a guy called Vittorio. She is hopeful that through her work, she will get what she wants.

On the other hand, Brenda just wants to stay away from Rossi and wants to avoid being clutched by the terrible person. However, the consequence for both the girls is full of tragedy. The Times Magazine said in the novel that, “This is a superb novel. It is taut in construction, expansive in characterization, vibrant in the atmosphere and profoundly comic”.

The Bottle Factory Review:

According to Harry Blamires, “Beryl Bainbridge manages plots of escalating comedy and grotesqueness with consummate skill. She is brilliant at scattering humor over seemingly gruesome terrain”. The book touches on the themes of love since Freda’s romantic dreams are quite symbolic of love. In 1991, BBC decided to make a movie on the book but the project was never completed.

In 1974, the book was shortlisted for The Booker Prize. At the same time, the book also received the Guardian Fiction Prize. Robert McCrum also called this novel one of the best 100 novels. The storyline of the book is quite captivating and it engages the reader from the very first line.

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