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Mister Johnson is a novel written by Joyce Cary. The book was published in 1939 and tells the story of a young Nigerian boy during the British Colonial era. Mister Johnson has been selected as a course book for English in many schools and even the writer said that this book is his favorite one amongst his own books. Get Mister Johnson Pdf free download at the end of this article.

Mister Johnson Pdf


Mr. Johnson Summary:

Johnson is a Nigerian boy who is working as a clerk at the British office in Nigeria. For the natives of the area, he is still an outsider. He marries only one woman and stays in a monogamous relationship. Along with having difficulties fitting in the society, he also finds it hard to keep up with the official work and follow the policies of his workplace. His superiors are not very satisfied with his work and his service in the country.

His officer thinks of the idea that if there is a road build which connects Fada to the main city, it will be very beneficial for the area. Johnson also becomes excited about the idea. He infects people with his happiness and ends up being their leader without himself knowing where he is going. Johnson is fired from his job but is later brought back to assist on the road project. He ends up getting into theft and then his office had to try him for theft for which he is found guilty.

Mr. Johnson Review:

The novel revolves around the happy spirit of the main character. It shows how someone who may appear so happy may be toxic to their own selves and end up harming their own self due to some wrong decisions. An Indian film was based on this novel in which the plot was shifted from Africa to India since both the areas were colonized by the British.

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