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Download The Mayor of CasterBridge Pdf + Review & Summary

This novel is subtitled as The Life and Death of a Man of Character. Thomas Hardy’s best or one of the novel according to some people, this novel really became a hit due to its story and strong characters. He took about 1 years to complete this book and it is known that he wrote 17 pages on the final day. Since Thomas spent his early life in Dorchester that’s why he plotted the story in a fictional town Caster-bridge which is based in Dorchester. The story is about a young man who gets drunk on the bridge. While he is drunk, he begins an argument with his wife. In anger, he decides to sell her and his daughter in auctions. You can download The Mayor of Casterbridge pdf at the end of this post. Let us now summarize and review this book.

the mayor of casterbridge pdf


About the Author Thomas Hardy:

Thomas Hardy was an English realist and novelist at the time of Victorian England. He was known for his romantic and social novels. Thomas was greatly inspired by the work of William Wordsworth and Charles Dickens. He considered them as their mentors and their work reflected in Thomas’ books. At first, he started writing poetry and considered or recognized himself as a poet. He never had an intention of writing novels but somehow he came into this field. But who would have known that he could become this successful once his start writing novels? His work that served best the field of literature includes Far from the Madding Crowd, Tess of the d’Urberville and Jude the Obscure. He got much fame after these books and became one of the most successful English authors. His poetry also got published in the year 1898 much long after writing them.

The Mayor of CasterBridge Summary:

This story is about a man who gets drunk one day and makes some stupid decisions. He gets into an argument with his wife and decided to sell her along with his daughter in an auction. Men do make stupid decisions while they are drunk and then regret them their whole life. Anyway, the next morning when he wakes up he also feels regret and starts searching for them in the town. They are long gone and all he has left now is to pray to God. He goes in a church and makes a promise that he will never drink for the same time he has lived this life which is 21 years. Sailors die years later and they mother and daughter decide to meet their old relative who has now become the mayor of the city.

When they reach the city it is not easy for Henchard to admit the horrors he has committed. He remarries her wife secretly and doesn’t tell the people the truth. His daughter falls in love with a man from his court and they start seeing each other. It is not acceptable for the mayor so he instead of taking serious measures, asks the man to leave and to never return. After the death of Susan, he discovers that this is not his daughter he left but of the sailor’s. This completely transforms his behavior towards the girls and that’s when she leaves his place. She later finds his old love who Henchard sent away because of her. They are still in love and finally they decide to marry. There are some really interesting events that are coming ahead in the book. Read them yourself by downloading the free The Mayor or Caster Bridge pdf.

The Mayor of CasterBridge Pdf:

The story is quite amazing and takes a lot of turns. At first, it explains that how men make foolish decisions while they are drunk and then regret them their whole life. The book has a story written so well that you will never feel bored of it. The characters, the plot, the twists in the story and also, the suspense in the story is so amazing that you keep reading it. The characters drawn are so beautiful each with their own uniqueness and that’s what made Thomas Hardy very famous in the field of literature. This books will remain in the top library shelves due to its awesomeness forever. Trust me, once you start reading it you will never stop and want to read it again and again. The drama and twists in the story are very exciting and the essence of the story.

Download The Mayor of CasterBridge Pdf Free:

If you feel addicted to this book but it is difficult to carry it everywhere then download the free The Mayor of Caster Bridge pdf to have it on your phone. In this way, you can read it anywhere whether at home, office or traveling.

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