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The Wind in the Willows is a book written by Kenneth Grahame. Published in 1908, this is a children’s book in which the stories of animals are written. They are all living in the Edwardian England. The novel is a blend of everything along with the amazing plot of the Thames Valley. There are themes of companionship, adventure and so much more in the book. All the comrades, together, make this book the remarkable tale that it is. In the end, download The Wind in The Willows Pdf free.

The Wind in The Willows Pdf


The Wind in The Willows Summary:

The book starts with the meeting of Mole and Rat. Mole sees that the weather outside is quite fine and spring is arriving. So, he comes out to enjoy the weather. He meets Rat and they both get along quite well. So, they hand around in the boat and row in the river for a long time, enjoying themselves. Later in the story, Toad is introduced. Both the Rat and Mole go to visit him. He is a nice guy but he is a little conceited. He gets obsessed with something and then just lets go of it immediately.

When they meet him, he is obsessed with horse driven carriages so he takes them on a ride. A motorcar scares the horse and the carriage falls into a ditch. Mole says that they should file a complaint against the driver but Toad does not care anymore as his new obsession is now motorcars. Similarly, other characters are also introduced and their interactions drive the story forward.

The Wind in The Willows Review:

The book is much loved by the kids and adults alike. In the Book magazine, Mr. Toad scored the 38th place in the list of best characters in 1900. The themes mentioned in the book are those of comradeship, mysticism, adventure, and joyfulness.

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