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In the world of Novels, there are some classics like The Al Chemist and To Kill a Mocking Bird which are known to every person on this planet. Let us expand that list by bringing you another classic called War and Peace which is a novel written by a Russian author, Leo Tolstoy. If you want to get this masterpiece, get the free War and Peace Pdf right now from our website.

War and Peace Pdf


War and Peace Review:

A lot of people love novels which are closer to the realities in this world. Well, Leo Tolstoy attempted something which is too real since it takes the context of the French invasion in Russia and tells a story which the people of 21st might never hear again. The final publishing of the novel was made in 1869 after a couple of portions already released in a Russian journal.

Leo Tolstoy views about the book are quite interesting because he didn’t believe that what he wrote was a novel or a poem or a historical chronicle. This is because many sections of the book are inconsistent with the main narrative and it is especially at the end where the novel takes the form of a philosophical article than a novel.

By many experts, War and Peace is called ‘a true novel’ and according to one of the major platforms like Encyclopedia Britannica, there is not a single British novel which ever came close to this masterpiece.

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War and Peace pdf Features:

Listed below are some of the major features of the book:

  • We are bringing this e-book from the original hardcover of War & Peace.
  • All four sections with the epilogues are given.
  • The War and Peace Pdf is absolutely free to download.

Download War and Peace Pdf Free:

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