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There is a lot which might happen to you just because of life experiences since they break people a lot. The same reason for ‘bring broke’ was the motivation of Paul Beatty behind writing this novel. Well, the writer himself said this one of his interviews. If you want to get this novel, download The Sellout Pdf for absolutely free on our website.

The Sellout Pdf


The Sellout Review:

The Sellout is the story of man who is growing watermelons and marijuana. This is a satire and we must appreciate Paul Beatty for choosing and succeeding in such a sensitive genre with a very linear storyline. It was due to the beauty of this book which earned this novel a ‘Man Booker Prize’ in 2016 and earned the book critical response from the critics. A rating of 3.8 out of 5 has been given on the Goodreads.

Some of the most favorable reviews say that it is very difficult to pull out a genre like satire while Paul Beatty did it with ease and grace. He wrote a story which would hit every American in the heart because they would clearly the essence of this narrative.

The Sellout Summary:

The book is about a protagonist who fights the case of life and the case is named ‘Me vs the United States of America’. It is in the context that he brings a slave home and is being trialed since slavery has been abolished and keeping a human slave is more legal but the protagonist has its reasons. The story is quite linear but since it takes an approach based on humor and pure satire, it is an amazing thing to read for everyone.

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