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World War II has been one of the most horrific parts of human history. Warlight is a novel written by Michael Ondaatje which covers the horrors of this war in the form of a story making for one of the best novels in 2018. To get the book, download Warlight Pdf for absolutely free on our website.

Warlight Pdf


Warlight Summary:

Warlight covers the story of a brother and sister who are left alone in this horrific world. The parents have moved to Singapore and the children are left in the custody of a man called The Moth. A moth is a mysterious man and a little is known about him. Having known a little about the group, they are forced to live a life under his supervisory.

In the earlier postwar period, Moth seriously influences the lives of these children since he belongs to an eccentric group of motley people. Most of the characters are quite nefarious and what the children learn and experience throughout the story hoping for a better future is beautiful.

Warlight Review:

While the narrative of the novel may be simple, it discusses rather complex matters. The war is always a horrific thing and the compulsions are so hard that their parents get to leave their children in the midst. The book takes a direct and realistic approach to the matter. The critics have appreciated it for its complex but truthful narrative on the characters.

The characters of the story are ranked too deep and all of them go through the major developments in the story. The book has won some awards and has been one of the bestsellers last year. On the Good Reads, it holds a rating of 3.7 out of 5.

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Download Warlight Pdf Free:

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