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Who Do You Think You Are? Is a book by the Canadian writer, Alice Munro. The book was published in 1978. Published by Macmillan of Canada, the book contributed to the success of Munro in winning the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2013. The book also won the award named Governor General Award in 1978. The book has short stories in it which are centered around Rose. A new and different idea is explored in every story and these short stories were published outside Canada under the name of “The Beggar Maid”. In the end, download Who Do You Think You Are? Pdf free.

Who Do You Think you Are? Pdf


Who Do You Think You Are? Summary:

The book follows the story of Rose through her life in different short stories. She grows up in a poor house and is also abused by her father. In her school, she lies about eating half a grapefruit for breakfast and this lie haunts her for quite a while. She receives a scholarship to study in a university and on her way, in the train, she is molested. Even though she decides to let it go, it has a major effect on her relationships in the future. Se develops a special liking for a guy named Simon, whom she meets at a friend’s place. She likes him a lot but he just goes away mysteriously. She later finds out that he has died. She finishes her studies and returns home in the last chapters. She deals with the issues in her life and addresses her relation with Flo, her stepmother.

Who Do You Think You Are? Review:

It is a deep and interesting book which tells the story of a girl throughout her life. Readers can relate to her feelings throughout the book and her strained relationships with her parents. The book gets its name from the last chapter, aimed at self-recognition.

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