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Wuthering Heights is a very useful novel written by Emily Bronte. The novel is written under the title of “Ellis Bell” and published in 1847. Wuthering Heights is the only finished novel from Bronte and was written between Oct 1845 and June 1846. Anne Bronte Agnes Grey and Wuthering Heights were published by Thomas Newby before the success of novel Jane Eyre. Charlotte edited the main manuscript of the novel and send the edited version for publication as its second edition in the year 1850 after the death of Emily Bronte. You can download Wuthering Heights PDF at the end.


Wuthering Heights Review:

Wuthering Heights is considered as the classic in English literature but it is highly challenged by the reviewers because it contains elements of both mental and physical cruelty and the novel challenged various strict Victorian ideals towards gender inequality, social classes, morality and religious hypocrisy. Wuthering Heights also explains the effects of resentment, pessimism, nostalgia and envy. According to Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Wuthering Heights is: “ A Fiend of a book – an Incredible monster…. The action is laid in Hell..- only it seems people and places have English names there…”

Wuthering Heights PDF

Features of Wuthering Heights pdf :

  • Wuthering Heights is written by English author Emily Bronte.
  • The novel is written in English language and was published in the United Kingdom for the first time.
  • Wuthering Heights is written under the Genre of gothic and Tragedy.
  • The novel was published in December 1847.
  • Wuthering Heights was published by Thomas Cautley Newby.
  • Wuthering Heights consist of a total of 823 pages.
  • Wuthering Heights is adapted by various other platforms such as song, operas, a ballet, musical, television, radio and film.
  • The novel is considered as the classic for English literature but is among the most challenging novel of all time.

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