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The novel A Fairy Tale of New York is a catching stuff by James Patrick Donleavy an Irish-American writer. He is not only the writer of fiction books, but he has written many non-fiction novels too. He was an artist, a good painter too. His novel A Fairy Tale of New York was published in 1973. In the end, download A Fairytale of NewYork Pdf free.


A Fairytale of NewYork Summary:

The story of the book is about an Irish-American, named Cornelius Christian. The story begins with his return to New York after completing his studies in Ireland. He faces critical situation right after his return because he enters customs with a dead wife and the luggage all alone. He meets a funeral director, for a job to pay for the burial expenses of his wife. Working there he meets a pretty lady named Fanny Sourpuss, whose millionaire husband had died.

He faces a lot of problems. He sees people in New York taking food from people’s plates, taking stuff and hiding. This all makes him feel sad and lonely and then he feels his life disturbed and manipulating him. Turning to New York has led to his downfall and he has nothing left, but hope.

A Fairytale of NewYork Review:

This novel is very realistic and shows the real and bitter fact of life alone. Though people living in New York probably are more alone than anyone else. Cornelius stays alone after his wife died. The problems he faced for basic necessities required to live, were not provided. He is probably a non-heroic character. So looking those entire characteristics book is highly interesting and reality-based. Coming to New York never worked for him Cornelius was sad but he always tried that things should work out.

Download A Fairytale of NewYork Pdf Free:

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