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Our Man in Havana is a book written by the British author Graham Greene. In the book, the author talks about the British intelligence services in Cuba and how gullible they are since they tend to believe the reports that they get from their informants in local territories. The book offers an insight into the events that led to those that occurred in 1962. The writer seemed to have anticipated the occurrence of these incidents way before time as his novel depicts it. In the end, download Our Man in Havana Pdf free.

Our Man in Havana Pdf


Our Man in Havana Summary

The novel tells the story of a guy named Wormold who is living in the Cuba of the time when it was under the regime of British authority. His wife has passed away and he lives with his daughter who is quite materialistic. Since he cannot afford her extravagant lifestyle, he takes up a side job as the informant for the intelligence services of British authorities. He has no real stories or reports to give to his superiors so what he does is that he makes up stories on his own and he also uses some names from the newspapers that he reads. Using all the information, he makes up a story and feeds it to the intelligence service, totally misguiding them.

Our Man in Havana Review

The book was used as a tool to make fun of the British intelligence services and their gullibility. The book was made into a movie which the Cuban government allowed for release. The author himself said that his purpose was to poke fun at the Intelligence service. He said, “In poking fun at the British Secret Service, I had minimized the terror of Batista’s rule. I had not wanted too black a background for a light-hearted comedy, but those who suffered during the years of dictatorship could hardly be expected to appreciate that my real subject was the absurdity of the British agent and not the justice of a revolution.”

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