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The book ENNUI is one of the good works of Maria Edge worth. She was a prolific Anglo-Irish writer. She wrote novels for children and adults literature. Being the first realistic writer of children’s and adults literature she was liberal too. She valued the females of her time and believed in letting them absorb education and other skills too. She was the female novelist of late nineteenth century. In the end, download Ennui Pdf free.

Ennui Pdf


Ennui Summary:

The story of Ennui is about Lord Glen thorn. He is a man of great worth and value and fame among his people but then as it is said that no one gets everything at a time, so he suffers from Ennui. Here ennui refers to the feeling of dissatisfaction due to the absence of excitement. So Lord Glen thorn becomes lethargic and this thing disturbs him continuously. He wants a good future and peace for his future and the future of the lady he loves. Going forward this novel has religious beliefs too as the concept of Protestantism in it too and few prints of revolution. It has history, culture, tradition, and folksong too.

Ennui Review:

This book has a great combination of love, culture history and morals. It tells that people who have everything still seek for more but the problem is that when wealth is high peace vanishes. The lavish lifestyle leads to more problems, to maintain the standards. That’s the time when ennui takes control of the person. Lord Glen thorn wants a satisfied life for him and the women he loves. Furthermore, Ennui is one of the ethicality tales that illustrate the worth of Edgeworths Protestant ideology too. The character of Lord Glen thorn she exemplifies the struggle and importance of Protestant theology.

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