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Brewster’s Millions is a book written by George Barr which was initially published in 1902. The comedy novel was published in Herbert S Stone. The book has been adapted into A play and also has been adapted into a movie multiple times. The book became quite popular in India as many Indian movies were based on this book. In the end, download Brewster’s Millions Pdf free.

Brewster’s Millions Pdf


Brewster’s Millions Summary:

Brewster’s Millions is a book in which the story revolves around a person by the same name. Upon the death of his grandfather, he receives a million dollars as he is the heir to his grandfather. After some time, his uncle also dies and leaves him seven million dollars. There is a condition for him to get the money. The condition is that he will have to spend all of his grand father’s money before he can get the million his uncle left him. There are a few conditions which he has to follow before he can get his uncle’s money.

He spends the money extravagantly but also shows a moral character as he ends up saving a sailor and helping his landlady. His fiancé to be refused to be engaged to him since she believes that if he keeps living at this rate, he will soon be poor. He confesses his love to another woman who accepts him. At the end of the year, the uncle’s person disappears and Brewster has no money anymore. However, that person comes back after some time and lets him know that he has finished the challenge.

Brewster’s Money Review:

The novel was adapted for a number of 12 films in total and also was adapted as a screenplay for a play. The novel was much loved by the readers as the main character’s story is quite captivating and engaging.

Download Brewster’s Millions Pdf Free:

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