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Squire Haggard’s Journal is a book written by Michael Green. In the book, the writer talks about the story of a gentleman living in the 18th century. The book basically portrays the mentions of his journal in which he has recorded the details of all his life and everything that happened in his surroundings. Published by Prion in 2000, the short book is based on the genre of humor and was loved by the readers at that time and is still popular today. In the end, download Squire Haggard’s Journal Pdf free.

Squire Haggard’s Journal Pdf


Squire Haggard’s Journal Summary:

The story revolves around Amos Haggard who writes the journal on which the story is based. He is not a very moral person and is someone with a loose character. His sidekick is his son who is just as bad as him. They both indulge in immoral activities such as harassing people. They fire their guns at foreigners in the area and also harass the poachers and dissenters. They are also involved with prostitutes and are always around them, getting their services.

He is also very unkind to poor people as he evicts them and his behavior towards them is quite inhumane. Furthermore, he also drinks a lot of wine and most of the immoral things he does are under the effect of wine. After drinking wine, he loses all his senses and goes on doing unacceptable things. In all these wrong activities, his son supports him and is always accompanying him.

Squire Haggard’s Journal Review:

The book is a humorous account of how life was in the late 18th century. Originally, it was published as newspaper columns during the 1960s. The ideas and incidents are related to the main character who is involved in all the wrong activities possible. Readers enjoyed the novel as the element of humor was concentrated in the novel.

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