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Download The Kiss Quotient Pdf Free And Read Summary & Review

There are people who are very good in the other departments of life but when it comes to relationships, intimacy, and romance, they just lack that thing. The story in The Kiss Quotient written by Helen Hoang is of a girl who is facing the same life problems and has to figure it out before it gets out of hand. To get the e-book, download The Kiss Quotient Pdf right now from our website.

The Kiss Quotient Pdf

The Kiss Quotient Summary and Review:

Stella Lane is an intelligent and successful woman who has a completely different notion of life. According to her, math can be worked out in all situations to live a happy life and this is one of the reasons why her algorithms are working right in the matter of customer services. But on the other hand, the experience she has in the department of dating is completely the opposite. All the brilliance and fame she has earned in the business department doesn’t help her there and thus she finally decides to hire someone who understands these matters better.

Lane has some strange suspicions about intimacy. For instance, she thinks of French Kissing like a Shark which is getting its teeth cleaned by a pilot fish. Thus, she concludes that she has to hire a professional so she can learn all of these things and this leads her to an adventure she had never expected.

For people who love genres of romance and fiction, The Kiss Quotient is an amazing gift and if you are looking forward to having some fun while expecting a bit of romance as well, you will want to get your hands on this book.

The book was received pretty well by critics and readers. It holds a rating of 4 out of 5 on the Good Reads and there are 40k votes for the book.

Download The Kiss Quotient Pdf Free:

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