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Mohsin Hamid is one of the finest Pakistani Authors and Exit West is one of its finest books. The book originally got published in 2017 and covers the themes such as immigration and refugee problems which have been pretty grave especially after the American War in Syria. To get the book, download Exit West Pdf from our site. We shall now write a summary and review of the book which you must read.

Exit West Pdf

Exit West Summary and Review:

Exit West gives the picture of a Civil War in an unnamed city and while they have to flee the crisis, life has undergone a completely different plan against. In their quest to flee the city, they use various doors and this leads them to a whole new adventure. This is the story of the love between two people who have to stay together in the times of turmoil and distress.

The situation of the country is getting worse and worse every day and everyone’s is following his quest to get out of the city. Saeed and Nadia are also among those people following the same purpose and they don’t how much distress in life is waiting for them in this quest.

The novel has been a huge success where it got received very well especially by the critics. Many have named it an amazing story in the times of war and has been a called a masterpiece of humanity and restraint. The depiction of civil war in the city and how it affects the lives of common people are the major aspects which paint the ugly picture of chaos.

The book has been received so well that it holds a rating of 4.1 out of 5 on the Good Reads. It has been among the major bestsellers in the publishing year and the sales still continue to grow.

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