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Catch 22 is a novel written by the American writer by the name Joseph Heller. The author started writing the novel in 1953 and the novel was published ten years later in 1962. This novel is a satirical note and is often called as of the most influential and significant novels of the century. The timeline in this book develops as the story progresses. Since the events in the books are related by the third person: that is by different characters, the book has different stories going on at the same time. The different genres involved in the book are Black Humor, Absurdist fiction, satire, historical fiction and War Fiction. Published by Simon and Schuster, the book was first released during the November of 1961. In the end, download Catch 22 Pdf free.

Catch 22 Pdf


Catch 22 Summary:

The novel narrates the stories of people during the Second World War. The main character in the book is John who is a bombard for the American side. The army base in Pianosa, which is a fictional city in Italy, serves as the plot of this story. John`s experiences are narrated in the book, along with that of his fellows who are just trying to live through the hell hole and return home as soon as possible. There are a few absurd rules mentioned in the book. For example, the mentally ill people are not required to fly the planes in that base but anyone who does not fly is subject to danger and torture.

Catch 22 Review:

The book offers an insight into the lives of airmen during the war. It shows how they felt and what they wanted to do or where they wanted to go at that time. It is a great book to read if you want to learn what lies behind the tough faces and armed bodies.

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