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Lucky Jim is a book written by Kingsley Amis which was published back in 1954. Published by Victor Gollancz, the book won the best fiction award by Somerset Maugham Award. The story is about a professor who teaches English at some university in the heart of England. The book which talks about the exploits of the Professor names Jim Dixon was published by Double Day in the USA. In the end, get Lucky Jim Pdf free download.

Lucky Jim Pdf


Lucky Jim Summary:

Jim Dixon is a history professor at the Red Brick University. Towards the end of this teaching year, he realizes that he may lose his position in the faculty. Thus, he decides to establish a good relationship with everyone and make everyone aware of his credentials. He also has to keep good terms with the head of the department in the university, named Mr. Welch. He also writes a paper that he send to the journal editor to be published.

He, later, finds out that the editor has published the paper as his own after translating it into Spanish. Dixon’s girlfriend is playing him and his attempt at managing and organizing a musical also fails miserably after he ends up getting drunk and burning his sheets. He later develops feelings for Professor Welch’s son’s girlfriend. Towards the end of the book, Dixon gets rid of his girlfriend and he leaves for London with Christine, his new love interest, much to the disdain of the Welches.

Lucky Jim Review:

Lucky Jim was inspired by the tale of Philip Larkin who worked at the same university as a librarian. The book was called the funniest book of the century by an author and it was also named the best comic of that era by another author. Using humor, the novel depicts that towards the end, everything gets better no matter how bad it begins. Thus, the book was also named as the best seller by Times magazine.

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