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The Silmarillion is a book written by J R Tolkien who is an. English writer. The book is a collection of narratives which talks about the universe of Ea in which different lands exist. It is in these lands that the stories of the Hobbit and Lord of The Rings take place. The work was finished by the son of Tolkien after Tolkien initially started it. Illustrated by Christopher Tolkien, the book revolves around the genres of Fantasy and mythopoeia.

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The Silmarillion Summary:

The book consists of five parts which Tolkien wanted to publish together even though they are separate parts. The first part of the book talks about the creation of the world of Ea. The next part talks about the superpowers that exist in the world. The third part is the bulkiest one as it is the most detailed one. It contains information about the times that took place before the First Age and the events that took place during it. It also narrated the whole incident of the war that took place over Silmarils. The next part talks about the Second Age which began after the downfall of the people of the previous age. The last part talks about the events that eventually led to the incident of The Lord of The Rings and how it all began.

The Silmarillion Review:

The book is centered around a lot of myths that Tolkien started writing about during his life. After his death, his son carried on the work and filled in all the missing parts so that the book could be published. The book received mixed reviews. While some people called it a work of art in the world of imagination, the others were of the view that it was a bore and should not have been written ever.

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