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The Diary of a Nobody is written by two authors who are also brothers. The novel is a combined effort of George and Weedon Grossmith. Revolving around the genre of comedy, the novel is also illustrated by the second brother, Weedon Grossmith. Originally, the publications were in form of columns in the Punch magazine.  This was during the 1988 and 1989, after which the book form was published in 1892. The novel talks about the daily events of the life of a person named Charles who lives in London and works as a clerk. The novel covers his diary events for 15 months. In the end, download Diary of a Nobody Pdf free.

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Diary of a Nobody Summary:

In the diary, the events of Charles Pooter`s life are mentioned over a course of 15 months. He has recently moved to a new house with his wife. Charles is a clerk in London and his son also works at the bank as a clerk. The diary entries give a little insight into the lives of the family members and also mention their neighbors who they are friends with. Like all other families, their family also suffers from minor embarrassments throughout this time and they also have fallouts with the servants, grocers and the juniors at the office. Their son shocks the parents when he tells them that he has gotten engaged. Through the whole novel, the stories relating to the family has been told through the diary entries.

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Diary of a Nobody Review:

The story made its first appearance in Punch magazine and was much appraised by the readers. In a personal list of 100 best books of all times, made by an author, the book makes an appearance. The list was published in The Observer and the book was named at the 35th place. This is an admirable book with just the right amount of humor.

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