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Travels with My Aunt is a book written by the author Graham Greene. In this book, the English writer narrates the story of a retired bank manager who goes around Europe on a discovery trip with his aunt, named Augusta. Published by Bodley Head in 1969, this book was followed by the Honorary Consul. The book preceding this book was named The Comedians. In the end, download Travels with My Aunt Pdf free.

Travels with My Aunt Pdf


Travels with My Aunts Summary:

The book tells the story of Henry Pulling who is a very uncharming band manager. On his mother`s funeral, he meets his aunt whom he has not met in over half the century. He forms a bond with her and learns that his father has been dead for decades and his mom was not his real mother. Henry visits his aunt after that and meets the man she loves. He is impressed by her ways of life, filled with romance and adventure. A psychic predicts that Henry will travel a lot in his life and to becomes true as he travels to Paris and then to Istanbul with his aunt. Towards the end of the book, Henry learns that Augusta is his real mother and the mother he knew all these years was his aunty. He goes to live with her and her lover. He also marries a younger girl and lives with her in South America.

Travels with My Aunt Review:

The book touches on an important subject of how adventure and travel can change the way one feels about life and how their view of the world can change through traveling. A film adaptation of the book was made in 1972 and a stage version was written to which was presented as a play in 1989. The novel was also adapted as a musical in 2016 and became quite popular amongst people.

Download Travels with My Aunt Pdf Free:

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