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Literature work of the 20th century is still the best one ever done in the field. The reason are some writers and the books written by them, which will be remembered as forever classics. Many writers left work for us that we will keep reading for the generations to come. Maybe people worked so hard in this field or they were just God gifted who could create such great work. Whether there were novels or short stories, everything was so perfect is still part of our modern day courses. One of the writers from the 20th century who will be remembered for his amazing work was James Joyce. Dubliners pdf by James Joyce is the unforgettable piece of work that we are going to remember forever. The book contains 15 short stories each with different lessons to learn. Let us review and summarize the book now.

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About the Author James Joyce:

James Joyce was an Irish poet and novelist. Of all the work he has done, he will forever be remembered for Dubliners and Ulysses. He was born in Ireland on 2nd February 1882 and died on 13th January 1941. He was considered as one of the most influential authors and poets of 20th century for the work he has done. Dubliners contain 15 short stories which are based on the middle-class society and their problems in the times of Irish nationalism. He has discussed a lot of things that happened during that era. The thing that was at peak during that era was Irish nationalism. Everyone was seeking out there identity and purpose in life. They were never sure what to do and what way of life to choose. The Dubliners pdf book gives us a deep insight on the matter written by James Joyce.

Dubliners Summary:

There are a total of 15 stories and I am going to give you an overview of some of them. The first story is named The Sister. In this story a boy is haunted by the death of Father Flynn, a Priest. He often goes at his home to see the corpse and condolences with his sisters. One of his sister tells him about how he died and his strange behavior he exhibited.

The second story is called An Encounter. It is the story of two boys who are pretty impressed by the stories of world outside. So they decide to run from their classes and explore the Dublin city. During their adventures in the city, an old man meets them. The old man is sexually intrigued and they feel uneasy. So they decide to escape the old man and leave the place.

The 3rd story in the Dubliners is called ARABY. It is bazar near the town the boy lives who is in love with a girl who is his neighbor. He used to stare at her via her window and one day she finally notices him. They meet and get to talking. The girl reveals her wish she wanted visit the bazar near their town. They do go to bazar but comeback empty handed for a reason you will need to read.

Eveline is the 4th story in the book. She is a woman contemplating on the idea that whether or not she should evade the place with her lover. She finally decides that she has to elope with her lover Frank. So they leave the home and reach the docks. However, at the very moment when they are about to board the ship. She leaves frank and comeback to her home. She did what she thought was right and she couldn’t abandon her family.

After the race is numbered 5th in the 15 stories in the Dubliners. In this short story, Jimmy meets his old friends after a car race. They are all happy to be with their old friends and decides to have a meal at a good place. After the meal they play music, drink, and dance.

Dubliners pdf Review:

Dubliners for some people might be some stories that give you pleasure while reading. However, the hidden meanings inside each story must be found. The time of Irish nationalism were not easy among the people. Everyone was facing his own problems and there are things that we need to learn about human society. The hidden meanings present inside the book can be only be found by the eyes are trying to see. You can either just have fun while reading the stories or learn the lessons that will help you in your life. There are things that we can learn through books and they shouldn’t always be just for pleasure. I guess this is the essence of this book that James wanted to convey.

Download Dubliners Pdf free:

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