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Brave New World is the best example of how novels are written best about science. Published in times when science was not so advanced but hats off to his Genius. His name was Aldous Huxley who wrote this book in 1932. A beautiful depiction of the world. How the world is going to be after the advances in technology? How many advances in technology are going to change the book? There is everything in this book that would keep you involved. This book is holding 5th position in Modern Library list of best novel of the 20th century. It is not easy making a place in that list unless there is something special. Aldous Huxley was a real genius who thought of something the others couldn’t and created a master piece that will forever be remembered and read by the people.

brave new world pdf


About the Author Aldous Huxley:

Aldous Huxley is the name of the genius who wrote this book. He was a British novelist and philosopher. He was also a member of the famous Huxley family. He has written a few books but all of them are simply amazing. Brave New World is his most successful book. He graduated from Balliol College, Oxford in English Literature. When you read his book, you can realize that how well his mind worked. He depicted a picture with the level of imagination very few writers had. Huxley was born on 26th July 1894 and died on 22nd November 1963 leaving us at the age of 69. He was gifted writer who had set a new level of writing non-fiction and yet very closer to reality. Aldous was much more than just a writer. His talents were unlimited and his writing will be remembered forever in the history.

Brave New World Summary:

The book depicts a picture of an advanced society in year 2540. Some of the sciences such as sleep learning, reproductive technology, and classical conditioning have reached their new levels. They are advanced more than ever and have completed changed the face of society. The society pictured in the book is called the World State. Reproductive technology is being focused since a Doctor gives his students a tour. He tells them that the hatchery is going to result in producing 1000s of embryos. They will produce off springs that will be called Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Epsilon, and Delta. Each of them when grow up, will be holding a different job. For instance, Alpha will become the thinkers and serve as leaders of the society. In the same way, Epsilons will serve as ordinary labor. This gives us a concept of division in the humanity in a different way.

On the tour, the Director show them some other interesting things. They see some children who are involved in strange activities including sex. Delta will grow up to be the ones who will dislikes books and flowers. The World State is an empire made of monarchy. They want to change the world and rule it through their different plans. They want to stop the natural way of reproduction. Instead, they want to use this artificial method to reproduce children. Then there are projects in which people can learn through sleep. Things they watch in dream can be learned and practiced in the real world. The story talks about a lot of other scientific inventions that modernizing the world. You are going to read one of the most epic books whose story is based on sciences. Watch out because there are people who are try to control you.

Brave New World pdf Review:

All the reviews that are written on the book are no different from each other. Different in a sense that most of them talk about the greatness of this book. There is not much to talk about wrong things in the book because there aren’t any. Brave New World beautifully depicts a picture of whatever is happening in the world around us. Scientific progress is growing faster each day. There may come a day when we are totally enslaved by it. There are those who are trying to control us. Those who want to change the world in a never ending monarchy. The system works in a way where we only think that we are free. Everything is being watched and controlled by the powerful people we don’t know. The book raises an awareness of the situation that is rising and may one day destroy it.

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