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Social duties are the things we are compelled to do and we can’t escape. Doesn’t matter how sick you are of them still, people have obliged you to follow them. Though you can be tricky sometimes to escape anything you want and this was the main theme of this play called The Importance of Being Earnest. Its book is also available to read. You can download the Importance of Being Earnest pdf at the end but first, we are going to review and summarize this play. It was written by Oscar Wilde and was first performed in St. James Theatre, London on 14 February 1895. The genre of this play is the farcical comedy which aims to make audience laugh while leaving some important messages. Some will read it and have fun while cunning minds will think of it and always try to bring something out of it.

the importance of being earnest pdf


About the Author Oscar Wilde:

Oscar Wilde was an Irish novelist, playwright, essayist who was known for his amazing work in the field of literature and play. He wrote many books which rose to great fame and are still being studied. His most famous book is a novel called The Picture of Dorian Gray which made him one of the most sold authors in the Irish history. He only lived 46 years from 16th October 1854 to 30th November 1900. His play the Importance of Being Earnest made him even more famous when it got played in the St. James Theatre. The play aimed at making people laugh while there were some good messages hidden behind it. Using farcical comedy, the social institutions were described as serious marriage and the way we are bound to them. This play talks of escape from these social institutions in a hideous way.

The Importance of Being Earnest Summary:

The story is about a man named Jack who is a guardian of Cecily, the young daughter of a rich family. Her father is dead and she is now Jack’s responsibility. Due to all these Jack has got to do a lot of work. He has also a society full of farmers and other common people to look after. Jack stays quite busy in all this and sometimes he wants to take some time off. He can’t do that by going out with his own name so he chooses an alternate one. Earnest is his name when he takes time off from all this mess and spends time on the streets of London. No one but he knows that who is Earnest? This is the only time when Jack can do whatever he want and that’s when he takes full advantage of life. This brings him much joy.

Jack is also in love and the girl is his friend’s cousin named Gwendolen. His friend Algernon has a strong suspicion that something is not written with Jack. And then one day in his cigarette pack, Algernon finds a note calling him Uncle Jack. He thinks that why someone is calling Earnest, Uncle Jack. To find this out Algernon thinks of a plan because cannot prove directly that Jack is leading a dual life. Later in the play, Algernon asks Jack to tell his reality when he is about to propose his cousin. He shows them the cigarette pack which has a note from Cecily. Jack then confesses that he is leading a double life and also explains that why he is doing that. The events coming after these are really amazing and full of unlimited fun. Download the Importance of Being Earnest pdf to read ahead of the story.

The Importance of Being Earnest Pdf Review:

Social duties sometimes make us so weary that only thing we want to do is escape them. Our whole life we live by being responsible and on duty to other people and forget to be ourselves. This is exactly the same what happens in this story. Jack is sick of the life he lives and that’s why he had to lead a double life to do what he wants to. With this 2nd name, no one recognizes him as Jack and he can hide away from all his duties for days. He is also in a relationship with this 2nd name to fulfill his needs. All of this shows that people sometimes have to take measures to make themselves happy. Life is not just about being dutiful and servant to other and social institutions. It can be a real fun when you know how to make it.

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