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Download Gil Blas Pdf: Review and Summary

The Novel L’Histoire de Gil Blas de Santillance has been written by Alain Lesage which is now also considered as the first English realistic novel that revolves around the life of an ordinary man who experiences different dark sides of both high and low societies and his experience then ends up in the more comforting place. At the end of this article, download the free Gil Blas Pdf from our site.

Gil Blas Pdf


Summary of L’Histoire de Gil Blas Santillance:

The novel starts with the birth of Gil Blas in a moderate family. His father is a retired war officer and his mother is an ex-chambermaid. Gil Blas’s upbringing is mostly done by his uncle Gil Perez, who managed to give education to Gil Blas. At the age of seventeen after getting enough education, Gil Blas is now setting up to travel towards Salamanca to seek his good fortune and to get more education. His uncle has generously given him a mule and about forty Spanish gold coins, expecting that this will make Gil Blas Journey more comfortable but Gil Blas is actually not that smart to handle the hurdles.

The very first real-life incident he faced on his travel. A muleteer who was interested in one of the wives of the travelers keeps frightening the travelers that some robbers are on their way and they are soon going to be robbed. Gil Blas tries to help the woman but he runs away on the arrival of police.

Then he gets kidnap by a group of vandals whose leader Captain Ronaldo makes him serve the whole group. After about six months, Gil Blas joins this group of vandals and starts his career by attacking a coach with his gang. They kill everyone on the coach except a pretty woman. Then after some time, Gil Blas develops sympathy towards the lady and they both escape the gang. Become so happy with her rescue, pretty lady presents Gil Blas a bag with money. Then pleasingly Gil Blas continue his journey.

Gil Blas meets his classmate Fabricio, who has now become a barber. When Fabricio comes to know that Gil Blas is going to take more education, he becomes jealous and asks Gil Blas to start serving in the bar to earn some money.

Gil Blas serves many noble men like a doctor and a fashion-lover who also teaches Gil Blas the way to move in high society, and then this is how Gil Blas finally manages to earn money and then he happily start to live a peaceful life.

Review of L’Histoire de Gil Blas Santillance  (Gil Blas):

Written in the simplest form with a realistic story, this novel makes the reader think that if this all is happening to himself too. This novel shows the life of a man as it really is. The best part of this novel is that it shows all the hardships that a man faces when he tries to make himself more educated and rich. This novel moves flawlessly with one surprise to another from beginning till the end.

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