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Debt to the pleasure is the first novel of John Lanchester which is one of the most remarkable novels of recent decades. This novel revolves around the life of an Englishman Tarquin Winot, who also is the narrator of this novel. At the end of this article, download The Debt to the Pleasure Pdf free.

The Debt to the Pleasure Pdf


The Debt to the Pleasure Summary:

This cookbook kind of book describes the life of Tarquin Winot that he and his  Brother grew up in a world of comfort and sophistication. Narrator lived In London and Paris with his mother, father, and brother where he experienced different cooks, tutors, and nannies. Tarquin Winot describes himself as an English writer, hedonist, and gastronome. This novel is divided into four sections which correspond different seasons of the year.  Tarquin Winot is traveling to his hometown in France. In between  Of his journey, he states his opinions about food, art, famous chefs and everything that’s coming in his way. He then finally arrives at his hometown and reveals that he is having a sinister motive of his journey. He’s  now trailing a young couple the female of which named Laura is writing a biography of Winot’s late brother. By the final chapter, Tarquin is so comfortable that he is gloating; he taunts both the reader and Laura to guess that he is poisoning the honeymooners by relating the story of some Bartholomew’s death by poisonous mushrooms and his personal views on the art of absence and destruction whilst he feeds them mushrooms.

The Debt to the Pleasure Review:

Winner of the best First novel, This book Debt to the pleasure is fully loaded with narrator’s opinion and instructions on everything from erotics of dislike to the psychology of the menu. This novel also describes that how an ordinary person notices the views that he observes during his traveling. This novel flows easily and is very well written which makes the reader read it completely from beginning to the end.

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