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Julie, ou la Nouvelle Heloise is a book written by Jean-Jacques Rousseau. It was published in 1761 by Marc-Michel Rey in Amsterdam. Initially, the book was named something else but later the name was changed to the current one. The previous title roughly translated to ‘the letters of two lovers, living at the foot of the Alps’. The author explores the authenticity of morals and ethics in this book. At the end of this article, download Julie, ou la Nouvelle Heloise Pdf free.

Julie, ou la Nouvelle Heloise Pdf


Julie, ou la Nouvelle Heloise Summary:

The book was actually written as a novel but it has a philosophical side to it in which the writer discusses the authenticity of ethics. He says that one should only follow the morals and ethics of the society if they are in accordance with the morals set by the person for himself. Once you decide to go against your own beliefs or ethics to satisfy the society, you pave the path to self-destruction.

Julie, ou la Nouvelle Heloise Review:

The book was thought to be the best selling book of the whole century. It was received quite well in the readers’ community and people were so eager to get their hands on the book that the publishers could not keep up the demand so they started renting out the book on the hourly and daily basis. There have been 70 editions of the book so far, which is probably the most for any book ever. This book had an immense effect on the readers and they even sent letters to the author, telling him about the torment and pain that the novel made them feel.

One of the readers even said that he cried so much that it cured his cold. Even today, the novel holds a lot of significance and has the same overwhelming effect on the readers.

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