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Download Death and the Penguin Pdf Free + Read Summary & Review

Death and the penguin are written by Ukrainian author, Andrey Keillor, that describes the life of an aspiring writer Viktor Zolotaryov and his unhappy, depressed and miserable pet which is a penguin, named Misha. The novel covers the incidences that caught up both the writer and his pet and they find no way to get rid of them. At the end, download Death and the Penguin Pdf free from our website.

Death and the Penguin Pdf


Death and the Penguin Summary:

The novel starts with Viktor’s introduction as a writer. He writes small stories and novels that are too short that they don’t even convey their basic themes. His only friend and companion are a Penguin, named Misha, which he got from a nearby zoo. Misha observes Viktor’s failures and celebrations deeply. Viktor’s life was going on in a simple way until the day he appointed by a newspaper to write obituaries. Viktor’s researchers and works are being admired by editor-in-chief but then unusual happenings realized Viktor that the subjects of obituaries are alive and some unknown mafia or organizations are using newspaper to get information about them.

Moreover, the novel also revolves around the relationship of Viktor with a child named Sonya, who is the daughter of his friend Misha, who left a vast amount of money for her daughter. Viktor appoints a nanny to look after the child. The four of them started to live together contently but then Viktor starts to feel some dangers. The post of writing obituaries is now given to a fat guy, and the new obituary subject is Viktor which ends up of Viktor leaving everything behind and fleeing to Antartica.

Death and the Penguin Review:

Death and the penguin show the beautiful relationship between a pet and its owner. This novel shows contract killings, executed journalists, and political corruption. The novel is written in a simple and dry form with small chapters. Though there are several sentences of humor they don’t actually make the reader laugh out loud. This novel also shows that how people try to deceive others so that they can make their own selves more rich and happy.

Download Death and the Penguin Pdf Free:

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