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The Good Companion is a book by the writer J B Priestley. The boom was published in 1929 and it was published by the publishing house of William Heinemann. This book won James Tait Black Memorial Prize and it is regarded as the best book of the author. Written about the concept party in England during the period that took place between World War 1 and World War 2, this book has led to the production of two movies that were inspired by this book. In the end of this article, download The Good Companions Pdf Free.


The Good Companions Summary:

The Good Companions tell the story of Jess who is a middle-aged person. He is content with his life and decides to go on a road trip to find meaning in life. He lives in the town of Bruddersford, which is a fictional town made up by the writer in Yorkshire. Throughout the trip, the protagonist finds two companions, one of whom is a teacher at the private school and the other one is an upper-middle-class spinster. The three become the part of a troupe in which different people play different instruments and travel through the different parts of England. One of the events is sabotaged and a result of this, the band breaks up. Everyone goes on their own routes and Jess goes to Canada.

The Good Companions Review:

The Good Companions became a hit when it came out. It was very popular among the readers for many decades. After a while, it lost its popularity because the concept of traveling around in troupes had long disappeared and also the content is quite old fashioned and not for the modern readers. However, it is still read by those people who have interest in old style books. Both the movies that were made on the book also received appraise from the audience.

Download The Good Companions Pdf Free:

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