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Download Mansfield Park Pdf And Read Summary + Review

Of the most prominent writers of the 19th century, Jane Austen was the one. She had her unique way of explaining love, romance, and she was a critic as well. Mansfield Park is her 3rd and the most successful novel. She became among the most read ladies of the 19th century. Although, she received a lot of criticism for her work. The way she analyzed things was according to some critics was not completely honest. The way she discussed British slave trading in Mansfield Park, it was called rather biased than being a completely honest opinion. However, what she thought seemed quite true and right according to the situation. Anyway, we shall discuss that later. Right now we are up to the task of reviewing and summarizing her great success named Mansfield Park. Don’t forget to download the free pdf for this book at the end.

mansfield park pdf


About the Author Jane Austen:

Jane Austen was an English novelist and critic. She was known for her romantic style of writing especially in fiction. It was her genius that made her write romantic fiction in a unique way. She expressed things while bringing messages out from reality. She plotted stories in a way that it brought out many social evils at the time. Although, she was highly criticized for her exposure of British slavery at that time. Many critics called her opinion rather a biased one. Her most famous books are Mansfield Park, Pride and Prejudice, and Sense and Sensibility. She did not happen to publish them on her own. But, some good publishers published her books later. Two of them were during lifetime while one of the books were published after death. For the books she wrote, she will forever be read and remembered in the hearts of her readers.

Mansfield Park Summary:

This book is a story of a young girl named Fanny Price. Her parents are poor and she is being constantly abused by her aunt Mrs. Norris. Her mother sends Fanny to her other sister, Mrs. Bertram who married into a wealthy family. Her spouse Sir Thomas is a wealthy man. Fanny’s mother married in rather a poor family whose husband is a drunk sailor who rarely works. He was alright and loved her wife but times changed him. Now he doesn’t care much and stays drunk while rarely sails to make some money. Fanny’s mother decides to send her to her sister’s where she thought Fanny would find a good environment. However, she is also aware that challenges of a big family might not prove very pleasant for her daughter. The Bertram children are not good to her and very misbehaving to people they meet.

Fanny spends a good time with the youngest son Edmund whose dream it to become a clergy. Mary, a new neighbor who recently moved in with this brother Henry, also tries to attract Edmund towards her. Although, she wanted older son Tom but he is rather odd and doesn’t seem to like her. Fanny gets a role in the play designed by the children in two families. She gets that role since the actress who was supposed to play is unable. Mr. Thomas, when he hears about the play does not look happy about it. On the other hand, Edmund tries to propose Mary but is unable to do that. She confines his love to Fanny with whom he spent most of his time. Henry, who is observing all this, doesn’t like Fanny and has dangerous plans about her. What happens ahead is quite dramatic and is worth finding yourself.

Mansfield Park pdf Reviews:

The thing that brought critics to talk against Jane is the depiction of Mr. Thomas. They thought that depicting him as an example of slave trading is quite lame. She did that and still did not focus much on that man in the story. In fact, she rarely even mentioned her and her focus remained on the other characters. I, being a reviewer would say that it depends on upon how different people see it. Mr. Thomas, for some people, might be a good person but some people won’t agree with that. It is all a matter of perspective. What my duty being a reviewer is to give my opinion on the book’s story, characters, and plotting.

When it comes to all this, I would say one word, Genius. The depiction of all these characters in the book so dramatically is a real skill. The way she Jane used to plot the stories and took twists in them, made her one of the most sold writers in the 19th century. She was a genius and unique in her own way. We don’t have to agree or disagree with her critical opinion but as book readers, we must admire her genius. Drama, characters, love and hate, everything was so good in this book that you may not want to stop reading it. What is else that Mansfield Park got for you? Find it out yourself.

Download Mansfield Park Pdf Free:

You may not have the internet every time to read Mansfield Park online. To avoid the case, download the free Mansfield Park Pdf and start enjoying this book even when you are not at home or online.

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