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PYGMALION Book Pdf Download + Summary & Review

Who does not know about George Bernard Shaw? He is one of the most influential persons in the history of mankind. He changed the play industry with his work. With more than 60 plays he became a legend that who will never be forgotten. One of his books or play that he wrote and played 1913 is Pygmalion. This play rose to great fame due to the script, characters, and the artistic work of Bernard Shaw. In the history of the stage, this will be remain one of the most exciting, thrilling and awesome scripts which be remembered for centuries. And why wouldn’t it be great? It was a work of the legend Bernard Shaw whose influence was admirable and loved by all. Today we are going to review and summarize this play’s book. You can download free Pygmalion Pdf at the end of this article.

pygmaltion pdf


About the Author Bernard Shaw:

People, especially in the field of Drama and literature think of Bernard Shaw as a god. The work he put in this field will remain forever the greatest. His creativity was simply irreplaceable ever after years of his death. He was an Irish playwright, polemicist, and critic. The polemics he wrote were loved by the readers. He was a great critic and had very strong views of the system we are enslaved by. Most of his plays theme many problems that we humans are enforced in. he lived from 26th July 1856 to 2nd November 1950. After leading a long and purposeful life, this legend left us and died at the age of 94. His plays, books and arguments will forever remain alive in the hearts of people. Let’s talk about one of his greatest plays Pygmalion to honor the great Sir George Bernard Shaw.

Pygmalion Summary:

This story is a two well-educated persons who were geniuses in their own fields. One was a professor who taught Indian dialects while other was a master of Phonetics. One day they happened to meet in a rainy and while their conversation they had a serious bet. The professor or phonetic claimed and placed a bet that he will change the dialect of cockney speaking girl into the duchess. He will do that with his mastery of the subject of phonetics. He tricks the girl into coming with him and asks her to stay at his home. At his home, he would easily work on the cockney-speaking girl and easily transform her into the duchess. Her father, when he comes to know about the girl, goes there to bring her back with intention of a bribe. He does take his bribe leaving the girl at Higgins place for experiment.

Though Higgins is up to the task, he also knew that it won’t be easy. So he starts working on the girl for months. Then the first test for girl draws near. It was to meet Higgins mother and it was quite concerning. Would she fail him and he loses his bet? Higgins son feels attracted towards the lady and it becomes difficult for her not to expose her cockney. However, she survives somehow and Higgins could take a sigh of relief. But, things are not over yet. Her 2nd test draws near which is an ambassador party. The experiment becomes a huge success but it would also bring more trouble for the two. The girl now goes mad and don’t know what she would do with her life. Now the challenge of getting rid of her is up to them? Get the book right now to know.

Pygmalion pdf Review:

Reviewing and putting the genius of Bernard Shaw is not an easy task. Everything in this play is so awesome and perfect that you hardly talk anything against it. The characters, the way they are written, the way story is formed, the drama, and almost everything is so perfect. The story of two men who place a bet whether Mr. Higgins could transform the girl into what she is not. The tasks were not easy and he had to put months of work to do that. Then came the tests where he would that he could it right or not. Those tests she passed, Higgins won but the trouble that followed later was something of real fun. I would recommend people of every age that they should read this book. Once you have read it, you will want to read it again and again. A pure example of Shaw’s Genius.

Download Pygmalion Pdf Free:

If you want to read this book anywhere you go but can’t carry it. Then don’t worry because we are providing you with free Pygmalion pdf. Download it and read the book on your laptop or smartphone anywhere you want.

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