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One of the most hit fictional characters which we are reading from our school time is Robin Crusoe. All of us loved his adventures and most of us thought that he was a real person. We thought that Robinson actually lived and Daniel Dafoe read only true events from his life. This adventure became one of the most read adventures in the history of literature. It is ranked among some great books such as The Lord of the Rings, and the Hobbit for its amazing adventure story. The pen of Daniel Dafoe had such magic that we thought Crusoe actually existed. This novel was part of all our school course as a separate novel. It is written so beautifully that people still love it even after 3 centuries have been passed. Download the free Robinson Crusoe pdf at the end of this post and read its review.

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About the Author Daniel Dafoe:

Daniel Dafoe has been a major part of our school course in the form of Robinson Crusoe and many poems. Robin Crusoe was his ultimate success that re-known him as a writer before he was already famous for his many talents. He was an English Trader, journalist, writer, and spy. He had many talents but his talent for writing was truly God gifted. He wrote many books that are amazing at their own level but the book that got him recognized at one of the greatest is Robin Crusoe. The book contains adventures of a fictional character with the same name as the book. Most people thought that Crusoe was a real person and Daniel Dafoe only mentioned his real life adventures or his experiences as a trader in disguise. However, they greatly admired the book after they came to know the truth about the book.

Robinson Crusoe Summary:

The book is a story of a young man with many dreams in his life eyes. He was born an adventurer and always wanted to travel. He went against his family wishes to achieve what he really wanted. At first, his father who was a merchant of Greek origin, wants him to travel to the new country and study law. Crusoe explains to his father that he couldn’t do it and he always wanted to become a traveler. His father does not approve of his wish and send him anyhow. Robinson, instead of traveling to England for studying law, travels to sea with his friend. His only wanted to listen to his heart and that’s why he embarked upon a journey that would change his life. In the sea, a storm destroys their ship and he is left waving on the sea waves hopeless for life.

At his first voyage he reaches safely and what I explained above is the aftermath of it since I want to be quick about the plot overview. He wanted to set himself as a successful merchant and everything was fine until he sat out on his next voyage. This 2nd journey brought turmoil that he never thought would happen. On his second voyage, the storm attacks his ship and he is left alone in the sea while losing everyone to it. He finds out that he is alone on this island and now he has to struggle alone looking for life which was a rare chance. However, he continues his life at a place where there was no one to help and only God could save him now. He remembered what his father always said and now to prove he was right, he got to prove himself as a real adventurer.

Robinson Crusoe Pdf Review:

Books like this one become a real challenge to talk about since the work done in them is simply can’t be explained in words. An adventure is written so well, that it got people to believe that either Robinson was a real person whose life adventures are mentioned in this book or it was the author himself facing all this since he wrote everything with great details and imagination. At that time, this could be true because Daniel was a trader himself and he had many sea voyages. However, of course, Robinson Crusoe is fiction and a result of pure genius from Dafoe. The book definitely one of the greatest adventures ever written and will stay alive in the hearts and bookshelves of people forever. Daniel was a real genius to write a book like this one that still is a part of school courses and literature.

Download Robinson Crusoe Pdf Free:

This is a kind of book that you might want to read anywhere you go. Whether you at home or journey. To take this outside with you, it is better that you download the free Robinson Crusoe pdf from our site and read it anywhere you are.

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