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Download Breaking Dawn Pdf Free + Read Summary & Review

The Twilight Saga is one of the greatest romantic book series written. The fan base it built is an evidence of how much people liked this book. Movies based on the book also made space in the hearts of viewers. Today we are going to talk about the Breaking Dawn book which is the 4th in series. Breaking Dawn is also much liked the book in the series and plays an important part in the storytelling. Today, we are going to give you a review of the book. Also, I am going to summarize the book so you can know what’s in it. Maybe this will develop your interest and soon you get to read the book. You can buy the Breaking Dawn book online later from the link given below. If you can afford the book then you can download the free Breaking Dawn Pdf from the link below.

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Breaking Dawn Introduction:

As I have already mentioned that Breaking Dawn is the 4th book in The Twilight Saga series. The Twilight Saga is a series of fancy romantic books that have become quite popular among the books. This book series is written by an American author Stephenie Meyer. The series has a total of 4 books and the Breaking Dawn is 4th in the series. The Breaking Dawn can be divided into 3 parts. If you have read the previous books then you must know about Bella Swan and Jacob Black. The 1st and 3rd book represent the perspective of the Bella Swan. While the 2nd book is from the perspective of Jacob Black. The events discussed in the book happen right after the previous book which was named Eclipse. Story continue from the place where Bella marries Edward and Jacob remains heartbroken.

About the Author Stephenie Meyer:Stephenie Meyer

If we talk about one of the most sold American authors then we can’t forget Stephenie Meyer. At the age of 43, since she was born on December 24th, 1973, she is already one of the most successful authors. She is known for her most successful romantic book series The Twilight Saga. The Twilight Saga was the most selling book of the year 2008 in the US. Also, it sold over more than 100 million copies. Also, the book got translated into about 37 languages which are a real landmark. Meyer became the most selling writer in the year 2008 and 2009 due to this series. Her books became the basis of one of the best romantic movie series with the same name. It will take me a day to talk about the achievements of her as an author. Given below is some info about Meyer’s early life.

Hartford Connecticut is the birthplace of Stephenie Meyer. She is the 2nd child of Stephen and Candy Morgan. They have a total of 6 children out of them, she is the brightest. She got standard high schooling from the Chaparral High School in the town of Arizona. She was admired by her teachers. One of the teachers quoted her as “Bright but not overly so”. She did her bachelor’s in English from the University of Brigham young. Her Husband name is Christian whom she happened to meet at the age of 4. The never ending love got them to marriage at the age of 21. They have 3 children and all of them are boys. Her happy life but a lot of hard work got her to write this wonderful book series. Today we know that series as The Twilight Saga in which Breaking Dawn is the 4th book.

Breaking Dawn pdf Review:

Breaking Dawn beautifully continues the story of the previous book. The depiction of vampire love seems pure as the author describes it. I guess the magic lies in the pen of Meyer. She beautifully described everything in the vampire love which couldn’t be described any better. She connects the two books very elegantly and that’s why people love this book series. The way the characters are written, their background, it is just simply superb. The storytelling of Meyer needs to be appreciated. The book never let the reader feel bored or anything. Once you start reading it, you never want to stop and that’s the essence of it. You want to read and understand every work in the book. No wonder why this got to one of the most successful fantasy novels in the US history. You can depict a lot of things which are lacking in the other books.

Breaking Dawn Summary:

Since I have already told you that book follows two perspectives. The first one is Bella Swan’s perspective while the 2nd is Jacob’s. Let’s start with the perspective of Bella Swan.

Bella and Edward are married and are off to their honeymoon on an island somewhere in the world. Living their life as happy as it could get, Bella realizes that something is not right with her. She later realizes that she is pregnant. Worst, the baby inside her womb is half human and half a vampire. After the confirmation of this tragedy, the come back to their home. Bella is worried about her condition since her baby is growing faster enough to bother her.

In the 2nd perspective, the book follows Jacob. Jacob was also in love with Bella Swan. But Bella married Edward to his dream had broken. Upon hearing the news of Bella’s sickness, he asks her to abort the baby. He would have never known if Bella didn’t share it with his father, Charlie Swan. Charlie discussed it with his friends who is Jacob’s father. Bella does not want to abort the child even if that means losing her life. The situation gets worse when Jacob informs the clan about Bella’s condition. He told them that she totally wanted to convert into a vampire. The clan goes mad overhearing this and they decide that it is the time they should kill the baby in Bella’s womb.

The 3rd part of the book is again from Bella’s perspective. She gives birth to her child and transforms into a vampire forever. But her child is about to bring more tragedy for her. Just when she thought everything is under control and she is living a happy life. Irina accuses her of giving birth to an immortal child. Giving birth an immortal child has been forbidden a long ago and they have to kill the infant. Would this go well with Bella and her child? Continue reading the story by downloading the free Breaking Dawn Pdf or buy the book from the link given below.

Download Breaking Dawn Pdf:

Before providing you with the Pdf of thing book, we want to make clear that we strongly recommend buying this book. It is always better to buy the book from the market or online stores. Getting the hard copy is also a better way of reading the book. However, if you are facing any difficult while finding the book in the market or low on budget. Then you can download the free Breaking Dawn Pdf at the end of this post. But once you are able to buy the book, please do it. Use the link below to get the free Breaking Dawn Pdf.

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