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Download Sophie’s World Pdf + Read Summary And Review

Sophie’s World is one of the most famous philosophical books in the history of literature. The book is written by Jostein Gaarder who is a Norwegian writer. Sophie’s World became an all-time hit at the time of release and more when the English version got published. The book won many awards for the amazing story and the way it was written philosophically. This book got translated into more than 59 languages. When the English version got published in 1995, it became the most sold book of the year. In Norway, still, there isn’t any book which could break all these records made by the Sophie’s World. Jostein Gaarder got much recognition after this book. After this one, however, he didn’t write any other book like this but still earned much through just one success. You can download the free Sophie’s World Pdf at the end of this article.

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About the Author Jostein Gaarder:

Jostein Gaarder is from Norway and what a writer he is! He is known for his books on children short stories and especially for the Sophie’s World. The man became very famous about this book and continued the great after that too. He was born on 8th August 1952 and is aged 64 at the moment. The special thing about this man is that he can write very well according to children’s perspective. Sophie’s World is an example of that. He knows what do children think and how their mind works. And that’s why most of his stories and books are from the same perspective. The thing which got Sophie’s World this much success is the philosophy behind the story. The things which happen in the story will be of much interest, especially to a philosopher. Let us now review and summarize the book for you.

Sophie’s World Summary:

The book has one of the strangest stories you would have read. In the book, there is a story of a 14-year-old girl named Sophie. She is a student of philosophy and the interest begins when she receives strange letters every day. In these letters, there are different questions. She is unable to answer for any of them. Later that, she receives some other letters which contain different stories. These stories are of a philosopher who dealt with the situations in his life answering those questions. She never knew about this man and why he is doing that. Later, she comes to find out that this is doing of a philosopher named Albert. He is using his dog to bring her those letters and trying to teach her these things. There have been different myths and Alberto is trying to teach her with natural explanations.

These events start happening at the time when she starts taking philosophy classes in the school. Then later, she receives a letter from a stranger who is the father of Hilde. He sent this letter for her daughter through Sophie. It is very strange for Sophie since she doesn’t know the man then why would he send his daughter a letter through Sophie? She, being a student of philosophy, understood that the girl is connected to the subject is some way. Then she receives a video from Alberto which is about Athens and traveling in back in time of ancient Athens. All of this is just for teaching her things which she couldn’t learn on her own. During her courses, she also starts learning about the philosopher Socrates. From his life, she learns that according to his views, the man knew nothing himself. And the strange story continues this way.

Sophie’s World Pdf Review:

The things happening in this book are so strange that you never get the message at first. A girl starts learning philosophy and then at the same time, strange things start happening to her. A great thing about the book is that it is according to children’s thinking and philosophy. This is a good ability of the writer that he can write from the perspective of children. The characters written by him are so amazing. Another thing about this book is that it is difficult to understand many things in the first read. There are things in the book which you will understand when you read it the 2nd time. Or, if someone who has good knowledge of philosophy teaches you about it. However, this is one of the finest books ever written in the history of literature and you got to read it.

Download Sophie’s World Pdf Free:

You can easily get the hard copy of this book at the library or market. A soft copy is also available in e-book and pdf form. If you want to read the soft copy, download the free Sophie’s World Pdf from our website. Click the link given below to do that. Don’t forget to leave us your feedback about the book. Also, keep visiting our website All Books Hub for more free pdfs and book reviews.

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