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Sometimes, when we get bored of our course books and others, we look for something entertaining. Whether it is simple fantasy, magic, comedy or romance, we love switching to books of adventure and fantasy. Now if you were having the same feeling and came looking for a book to pass your time with a lot of, here is a book for you. Through the Looking Glass is a fantasy novel based on the adventure of Alice. The events in this book took place 6 months after the adventures of Alice in the wonderland. Again, Lewis Carroll is the author of this book who gained much popularity after Alice in the Wonderland. Here, the adventures continue when Alice enters another world by looking through the glass. You can download Through the Looking Glass Pdf Free at the end of this article. Let us now review this amazing fantasy.

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About the Author Lewis Carroll:

Lewis Carroll was an English mathematician, writer, author, photographer, and logician. He is known for his most famous book Alice in the Wonderland and after that, Through the Looking Glass. Lewis was one of the most prominent writers of the 19th century whose contributions to the literature are praiseworthy. He have these few stories for our kids which they still read and enjoy. Many games and movies are also made on the book Alice in the Wonderland. Through the Looking Grass is another of his book from the same series. In this book, Alice’s adventures continue when she breaches another world by looking through the glass and then the adventures follow. If you have read the previous book by Lewis, you must realize that how good he was at writing these adventures. Now I will move forward to summarize this book in case you haven’t got the time to read.

Through the Looking Glass Summary:

In the start, Alice is talking to her little kitten and telling her about a mysterious world. The place is ‘Looking-Glass-House’ in which everything is opposite or parallel to this world. For instance, Alice’s room is also present in it but with the opposite setting. Then while talking and through her imagination, Alice enters this parallel world. It is rather unacceptable for her. Her room is present there but the settings, the look completely different. Here she finds a chessman and the queen’s daughter who seems to be in a danger. Alice tries to help her but of no use. Also, during her struggle, she finds a book with a mysterious poem written in it. She read the poem and after that, she continues the exploration of this room to find the wonders and strange things hidden in the room. What did she find? Read ahead to know.

After all that, she decides to leave this house and discover more of this mysterious place. Whenever she leaves the house and reaches a place like a garden nearby, she is forced back to the door of the house. This is very strange and unacceptable for Alice. Then, in this wonderland, another mysterious thing happens. While she is trying to reach the garden, the flowers start speaking. And, for all her amazement, they are insulting her for a reason she doesn’t understand. From the same flowers and their conversations, she learn that the red queen is nearby. And that, Alice must meet the Red Queen. Then while meeting the red queen, she notices a chess game in progress nearby. To all her wonders, the Red Queen tells her that by the end of this game, Alice shall be the new queen.

Through the Looking Glass And What Alice Found There Pdf Review:

Through the Looking Glass is truly a gift of Lewis Carroll of the lovers of fantasy. All the things in this book are explained so fanatically and beautifully that once find his/herself caught in the book. Especially for the lovers of fantasy, this book is something they can’t forget to read again and again. Just like Alice in the Wonderland, all the magical things in this book are so unique. So beautiful written that once you start reading it, there is no one stopping you. The storyline, the characters, the environment, and hence, everything is so perfect in the book. Lewis Carroll which these few books, gave enough from his side to the field of literature. The awesomeness of these book can be explained when you still see children going mad for these books. Also, there are beautiful movies and games based on these books which are amazing.

Download Through the Looking Glass Pdf Free:

Through the Looking Glass is available in both soft and hard copy. You can get hard copy in the market or any library near your home. As for the soft copy, download Through the Looking Glass Pdf free right now from our website. Don’t forget to leave us your feedback on this book. Also, keep visiting All Books Hub for more free pdfs, summaries, and book reviews.

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