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The Black Prince is a book written by Iris Murdoch. The book was published in 1973 by Chatto and Windus. The main theme of the book is in relation to Hamlet. Hamlet is mentioned in quite a few places in the book and references are made to the novel. The story is about the main character who is an author himself and is in love throughout the book. In the end, download The Black Prince Pdf free download.

The Black Prince Pdf


The Black Prince Summary:

The Black Prince follows the story of a Writer living in London. He is getting old but he has fallen in love with his friend’s daughter. His relationship With his friend is quite a complicated one because the friend is also his literary rival. Bradley’s life is not going so well as he is not getting the isolation that he requires to write something amazing. His ex-wife has come back and his friend’s wife also falls in love with him after he makes several attempts to solve the domestic issues between her and his friend.

His friend, Arnold’s, daughter also falls in love with him and makes him tutor her forcefully. He promises himself to never tell Julian about his feelings but he blurts it out. Julian agrees to go with him to a cottage on the seaside. When Arnold finds out, he comes to take her away and Bradley suspects that Arnold has locked up Julian, who is nowhere to be found. During all this time, Bradley’s sister has died due to being alone and his ex-wife has hooked up with Arnold.

The Black Prince Review:

The books revolve around the ideas of Hamlet. There is also the idea of homosexuality in it since Bradley only has two relationships in his life, one with Christian, his ex-wife and the second with Julian. Both of these are not very feminine names and the only purely feminine advances he gets are from Rachel, Arnold’s wife. Bradley dismisses these advances as unromantic. The book won Tait James book award and was also shortlisted for the prestigious Booker Prize.

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