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Three Men in a Boat is a novel written by Jerome K. He is an English writer who has based his novel on the genre of humor. The book is literally plotted according to its name since it tells the story of three men who go on a trip in the boat in River Thames. The book was published in 1889 by Arrowsmith. The story follows a course of two weeks since that is how long the boat trip is. In the end, download Three Men in a Boat Pdf free.

Three Men in a Boat Pdf


Three Men in a Boat Summary:

The story is based on a trip in the boat. It is based on Jerome himself and his friends. The story starts where the friends are sitting with Jerome’s dog and they are talking about the diseases they wished that they suffer from. In the end, they realize that they are suffering from the excess of work and that they need a holiday.

They decide to go on a holiday and two options are considered. One of the options is sea trip and other is to live in the countryside for some time. Both of them are canceled since the friends know of acquaintances who have had bad experiences in both of these trips. So, they decide to go on a boat trip and the whole story is based on this boat trip with a touch of humor involved in it.

Three Men in a Boat Review:

The book is quite witty and has been loved by the readers all over the world. One of the greatest attributes of the book is that it appears quite updated even today. People still enjoy the jokes and the witty statements that are in the book since the extent of that humor is still enjoyed today. The book was described as vulgar by most critics so readers that are opposed to strong language might not appreciate the book much.

Download Three Men in a Boat Pdf Free:

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